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2006 Archives
Time Out From Testing has archived the following articles from 2006.

12-17-064th-graders keep up passing fancyNew York Daily News
12-17-06Assembly Man Mark Weprin Reports To The CommunityWinter 2006
12-17-06'Fixation' on high-stakes testing sparks debateNew York Teacher
11-11-06They Flubbed Exams, Get Hired as Executives of Test
11-7-06SATs Scored in Error by Test Companies Roil Admissions Process
10-29-06Political Backlash Builds Over High-Stakes TestingWashington Post
10-29-06Why school testing scoreboards don't matterMessenger Post Columnist
10-10-06Testing, Testing ... but What?New York Times
10-10-06Teach More, Test Less (1 Letter)New York Times
10-10-06New York English Scores Drop Sharply in 6th GradeNew York Times
10-10-06City Says 339 Students Were Left Back UnnecessarilyNew York Times
9-10-06Feds, public at odds over NCLBeSchool News
9-10-06Report Finds U.S. Students Lagging in Finishing CollegeNew York Times
9-10-06NCLB SEEN AS INEFFECTIVEEducation Week on the Web
9-10-06IN EDUCATION, FLORIDA MOVED THE BULL'S-EYE [Rebuttal to Jeb Bush/Michael Bloomberg NCLB Column]Washington Post Response
9-10-06Macarena HernŠndez: Test pressure is getting to our schoolsDallas News
9-10-06Joint Organizational Statement on No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
8-30-06Boss Un-Makes The GradeNew York Post
8-30-06Teaching students how to think - not just what to knowHaaretz
7-17-06Broad assessments can't fully gauge skillsPoughkeepsie Journal
7-17-06Regents RacketNew York Post
7-4-06Below-Grade Education DepartmentNew York Post
6-29-06An Uproar Erupts at State's Delay in Grading ExamsThe New York Sun
6-29-06More at Risk of Repeating Fifth GradeNew York Times
6-26-06Letter to the Editor: A Third of U.S. Dropouts Never Reach 10th GradeNew York Times
6-26-06A Third of U.S. Dropouts Never Reach 10th GradeNew York Times
6-3-06 Voices of Dissent 4: Interview With Gloria PipkinBlog: Transform Education
5-20-06High School Exit Exam TossedL.A. Times
5-20-06Letter to the Editor: Deborah MeierNew York Times
5-20-06As Test-Taking Grows, Test-Makers Grow RarerNew York Times
5-20-06Regents ask state to probe race biasDaily News
5-20-06Some Schools Are Leaving Recess BehindNew York Times
5-20-06Odd Math for 'Best High Schools' ListNew York Times
5-20-06Regents exam's colonialism questions anger black studentsDaily News
5-20-06Critic of No Child Left Behind Was Disinvited From MeetingNew York Times
5-20-06Regarding the cancellation of my appearance at the IRA in ChicagoPatricia Polacco, 2006
5-20-06The Children's Defense Fund Report: State of America's ChildrenChapter 4: Education
5-20-06Boys Are No Match for Girls in Completing High SchoolNew York Times
5-20-06Principals Face Review in Education OverhaulNew York Times
4-19-06N.Y. should take cue from R.I.: Loosen tight leash on schoolsDemocrat and Chronicle
4-23-06When tests are crucial, so are errorsUSA Today
4-11-06Nobody's Perfect. Neither Is the Test.Yahoo! News
4-11-06More universities are going SAT-optionalYahoo! News
4-11-06Band-Aids or BulldozersRethinking Schools Online
4-11-06Ten Moral Concerns in the Implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act.--
3-27-06Schools Cut Back Subjects to Push Reading and MathNew York Times
3-23-06Are all these tests failing us?
3-22-06Standardized Tests Face a Crisis Over StandardsNew York Times
3-22-06Testing Errors Prompt Calls for OversightNew York Times
3-22-06It Doesn't Test for SuccessMount Holyoke College
3-18-06Some Questions From Samples Appear on Math TestsNew York Times
3-18-06Where do the children play?Chicago Sun-Times
3-14-061,600 SAT Tests Escaped Check for Scoring ErrorsNew York Times
3-14-06SAT Errors Raise New Qualms About TestingNew York Times
3-14-06Mistakes on SAT scores raise questions about testingBaltimore Sun
3-14-06Officials Say Scoring Errors for SAT Were UnderstatedNew York Times
2-20-06High School Graduation Rates Unacceptably Low, State SaysNew York Times
1-22-06Student Promotion and Achievement Tests (3 Letters)Newsday
1-20-06Test Givers Earn Another 'F'Newsday
1-18-06For Students, Figuring Out Answer Sheet Was True TestNew York Times
1-18-06What a lot of ed-iotsNew York Daily News
1-18-06Testers Fail On 'ABCs'Newsday
1-8-06Top lieutenant of education reform retires, tips classroom futureNewsday
1-8-06Dís AND Fís FOR ĎNO CHILD LEFT BEHINDíThe Black Voice News On-line

Red Alert!
Let's Opt Out of the April 2014 NYS Tests

Parents can refuse to allow their child to take the State high stakes tests. Hand in this letter to your principal [other formats: .pdf .odt .doc]. En Español: [otros formatos: .pdf .odt .doc] Send your child to school and ask that an alternative activity be planned for him/her during the 6 days of testing.

Information for Parents who want to Opt Out:

Feel free to duplicate these flyers and give them to other parents!

We also have a magazine explaining Common Core, High Stakes Testing, and InBloom to parents. Varios art√≠culos de esta revista fueron traducidos a Español.

Opt Out New York
New material to support the April Boycott.
Please share this Powerpoint!
Developed by a Long Island parent.

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Did You Know?
Did you know that charter schools in New York City enroll fewer students who qualify for free lunch and fewer homeless students?

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