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2008 Archives
Time Out From Testing has archived the following articles from 2008.

Nov.2008The School Accountability Initiative: Totaling the Cost [PDF]NYC Independent Office
11-22-08Cost of Tracking Schools Is Said to Be $130 Million New York Times
11-12-08City kids hit hard as Dept. of Education orders principals to hack budgetsDaily News
10-31-08We got the story that Tweed tried to kill!NYC Public School Parents
10-29-08Department of Education spends $5M a year on couriersDaily News
10-29-08Klein still adding high-paid DOE jobs despite budget woes, hiring freezeDaily News
10-29-08City Schools Crimped by Budget RestrictionsNew York Sun
9-28-08Parents want school tests scrappedQueens Chronicle
9-28-08Who Grades The Graders?Distributed to the CEC2
9-22-08College Panel Calls for Less Focus on SATsNew York Times
9-22-08Rising Schools Grades Fail To Stamp Out QuestionsNew York Sun
9-22-08Dept. of Education releases letter grades for NYC schoolsDaily News
9-22-08More New York Schools Get A’s New York Times
8-29-08State, City Report Uptick in Graduation RatesNew York Sun
8-29-08Errors may snarl state testingChicago Trubune
8-29-08'Achievement Gap' in City Schools Is ScrutinizedNew York Sun
8-6-08Ignorance is bliss on the state Regents history examDaily News
8-6-08Watchdog warns 1m Sats results could be scrappedGuardian UK
8-6-08Testing Firm Under Fire Over DelaysNew York Sun
8-6-08NY's new math test has rough startNewsday
7-3-08Debate For Washington's Superintendent: Dorn Wants WASL ReplacedABC News
5-28-08TOFT WINS BIG VICTORY!: Rollback Set in Schooling of The GiftedNY Sun
5-28-08 Tests 'damaging' to school systemBBC News
5-28-08An Initiative on Reading Is Rated IneffectiveNew York Times
4-27-08Science Teachers Refuses to give State TestSeattle
4-27-08Love of learning lost as students, schools focus on passing testsToledo Blade
4-6-08Graduation tests will harm studentsBaltimore Sun
4-6-08Gifted test to be used to identify slow learners, tooThe Daily News
4-6-08States’ Data Obscure How Few Finish High SchoolNew York Times
3-18-08Mayor Boosts Career Schools, Standards for Eighth-GradersNY Sun
3-18-08New report bears bad news about arts
3-18-08Column - Michael Stevens: TAKS beat down everyone's moraleAmarillo Globe News
3-18-08To boost scores: FCAT transparencyDaytona Beach News-Journal Editorial
3-18-08Mayoral control of schools needs more limits -- Great letter from Assemblyman WeprinTimes Ledger
3-18-08Heated debate at New School discussion of city schools controlNY Daily News
3-2-08City To Revise Report Cards on the SchoolsThe New York Sun
3-2-08Event Will Highlight Rising High School Dropout RateThe New York Sun
3-2-08School Budget Cuts Prompt Calls for Sliced BureaucracyThe New York Sun
3-2-08Teachers see bias in school rankingDaily News
3-2-08Budget Cuts Raise Wrath of PrincipalsNew York Times
3-2-08Crayons Down!Truth
3-2-08Voice of the PeopleThe Daily News
3-2-08If I Had the Clout of High-Stakes Testing...The Huffington Post
1-27-08O.L.S.A.T & E.R.B.By Isabelle Raposo, Grade 5, MA
1-27-08To the Editor, Re: BoycottSent to New York Times
1-27-08Does this signify meaningful changes in Florida?The St. Petersburg Times
1-27-08New York Measuring Teachers by Test ScoresNew York Times
1-21-08Leaving “No Child Left Behind” Behind [open as PDF]via
1-21-08How Test Companies Fail Your Kids [open as PDF]via
1-21-08States Struggle to Computerize School RecordsThe New York Times
1-21-08Stakes are too high for schoolchildren - Letter to the EditorThe Riverdale Press
1-21-08Proposing ProgressThe Stuyvesant Spectator
1-21-08** PRESS RELEASE ** - PA Gotbaum, Parents: Too Many Tests To LearnThe Public Advocate's Office
1-21-08** PRESS RELEASE ** - PA Gotbaum: $335 Million on Standardized Tests is the Wrong AnswerThe Public Advocate's Office
1-21-08'Laundromat Tour' Pushed School RatingsThe New York Sun
1-21-08Klein, Weprin butt heads at PS 46Times Ledger
1-21-08State to Audit No-Bid Award of City’s School ContractsThe New York Times
1-21-08Educrats' $38M sweet tech dealThe Daily News
1-12-08Resorting to CheatingThe NY Sun
1-12-08Pol Takes Klein To Task On TestingQueens Chronicle
1-5-08Education job titles stump parentsDaily News

Red Alert!
Let's Opt Out of the April 2014 NYS Tests

Parents can refuse to allow their child to take the State high stakes tests. Hand in this letter to your principal [other formats: .pdf .odt .doc]. En Español: [otros formatos: .pdf .odt .doc] Send your child to school and ask that an alternative activity be planned for him/her during the 6 days of testing.

Information for Parents who want to Opt Out:

Feel free to duplicate these flyers and give them to other parents!

We also have a magazine explaining Common Core, High Stakes Testing, and InBloom to parents. Varios artĂ­culos de esta revista fueron traducidos a Español.

Opt Out New York
New material to support the April Boycott.
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Developed by a Long Island parent.

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Did You Know?
Did you know that charter schools in New York City enroll fewer students who qualify for free lunch and fewer homeless students?

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